Resco Table Soccer

Resco Table Soccer 1.22

Play fussball on your Pocket PC


  • Great graphics and realistic physics
  • Championship and exhibition modes
  • Compete for prizes online


  • No two-player mode


I'm a big fan of pub sports and table soccer (or "fussball" as it's often known) is one of my faves. The game is perfect for anyone who is too lazy to go and play football for real. Resco Table Soccer takes things a stage further, and is perfect for anyone who is too lazy to go to the pub and play fussball.

Resco Table Soccer is a fast and furious simulation, packed with enough different game modes and options to keep you amused for ages. You have the choice of playing a quick friendly match or participating in an entire championship. The tournament mode (which is, unfortunately, not available in this demo version) allows you to compete for prizes against other players from around the World by uploading your scores to the Resco servers.

The full version of Resco Table Soccer offers you a choice of 20 different national teams, three unique tables, and three different championships, although more are available to download once you've registered the product.

There are two different control systems to choose from in Resco Table Soccer. You can either use the touchscreen to move the players and spin them, or do so using preset buttons. Both options take a little while to get used to and you'll probably get spanked by the opposition on your first couple of goes. Once you've mastered it though, Resco Table Soccer is great fun to play, and is highly absorbing. The graphics and game physics are so realistic that it's easy to forget you're not actually standing above a real fussball table.

The only major criticism I could level at Resco Table Soccer is its lack of multiplayer mode. Yes, you can challenge others to beat your scores online, but there's no substitute for being able to battle it out with a pal who is sat next to you - and this isn't an option in Resco Table Soccer.

In conclusion, Resco Table Soccer is a great way to have some fussball fun without having to venture out to a bar.

Resco Table Soccer


Resco Table Soccer 1.22

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